out of stock still a big issue for retailers erodes customer loyalty

Out-of-stock still a big issue for retailers, erodes customer loyalty

Sumary of Out-of-stock still a big issue for retailers, erodes customer loyalty:

  • Published Jul 8, 2021 Reading time 2 minutes Download Print Text size aA+ aA- Published Jul 8, 2021 As the pandemic caused major disruption in 2020 and early 2021, out of stock messages were frequent and annoying for customers.
  • OneStock makes order management tech and its Inventory Availability Index analysed over 359,000 SKUs across the UK’s leading retailers.
  • But unavailable inventory still makes up 18% of retailers’ ranging.That matters not only because it dents sales at a particular moment, but also because 73% of consumers would be less loyal to a retailer if they experienced out-of-stocks.
  • This was caused by stock being stuck in shuttered stores, general supply chain disruption, and delays to processing online orders due to extra-high demand.
  • Perhaps worse than being told an item can’t be bought either in-store or online is ordering it from a webstore then receiving an email saying it isn’t available.

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