paris fashion week opens with egonlab taakk etudes

Paris Fashion Week opens with Egonlab, Taakk, Etudes

Sumary of Paris Fashion Week opens with Egonlab, Taakk, Etudes:

  • The collection’s decent side, houndstooth garments and tasselled shoes, always worn with white hosieries, was balance by unusual, quirky accessories: adornment with large beads, leather belts cover around the neck, a large metal sound on a cross-shoulder strap worn like a container, a satisfactory jacket hanging from it.
  • Taakk, SpringSummer 2023 – DR With part of its lie removed, a fabric jacket morphed through subtle colour ranks into an almost complete garment, while another transformed entirely thanks to a change in reports, hence weight.
  • On a different bearing, a few looks exist of micro shorts-and-jacket ensembles in leather, worn for example with a white tank top by a heavily stain version.
  • Firmly intending to leave the pandemiceconomic crisis double whammy behind, productive specialists Kévin Nompeix and Florentin Glémarec have label on various cartoon characters this season; from Bugs Bunny to Speedy Gonzales, featuring them cheekily on t-shirts and inventor garments in a healthful back-to-childhood mood.

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