people should be who they are kenyans embrace genderless fashion

‘People should be who they are’: Kenyans embrace genderless fashion

Sumary of ‘People should be who they are’: Kenyans embrace genderless fashion:

  • In July, fashion brand Vivo and Bold Network Africa released a vibrant gender-inclusive collection called Zoya X Bold.
  • Guys should be able to rock hot pink and not be questioned about what their sexual preferences areAshton LaurenceThe Zoya x Bold collection features striking fabrics, colours and prints designed to work with all body types.
  • Chris Muriithi: ‘For the longest moment, I had to go to the men’s section to even purchase a shirt.’ Photograph: Shop Zetu Production TeamKenya’s queer community has been increasingly visible over the past few years, after a number of prominent Kenyans came out publicly.
  • LGBTQ+ activist Chris Makena Njeri Muriithi, CEO of Bold Network Africa, which describes itself as a queer storytelling platform, says that fashion needs to be more inclusive.

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