peter do debuts in menswear

Peter Do debuts in menswear

Sumary of Peter Do debuts in menswear:

  • As detached from the gender separation and which ultimately led the designer to expand his offer, with a men’s line.
  • After three years of producing women’s clothing, which you carry on in the midst of the pandemic, the Vietnamese designer Peter Do known for his tailored suits, loved by Zendaya and Beyoncè, has added a new piece to his brand, founded together with four friends met online: the men’s collection.
  • Shirts can be straight, buttoned from collar to hem, or they can be worn wrapped around the waist.
  • 60 looks for him and for her hit the catwalk, having as their common denominator the deconstruction in the form of dresses open at the hem, to reveal their internal tailoring mechanisms, such as ton sur ton stitches on the seams, and the versatility of gender fluid modeling.
  • Peter Do (pronounced as dough ‘) is one of those luxury brands that has overturned the severe image of luxury fashion, mixing an apparent yet surprising simplicity with a refined and clean vision, but above all recognizable, for his personality.
  • In addition to Jeno, SM Entertainmente Rookies Euseok and Shohei appeared on the show as models, while the Red Velvet Seulgi girl group was seated as a special guest, in the front row.

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