pfw zero gravity dance for homme plisse issey miyake

PFW: Zero-gravity dance for Homme plissé Issey Miyake

Sumary of PFW: Zero-gravity dance for Homme plissé Issey Miyake:

  • And Satoshi Kondo and his team imagine an exploration of contrasts between what is delicate and what is robust.
  • They take each other on their shoulders to form new columns, this time human, three by three.
  • A bustle of balanced colors, monochromatic total looks that alternate in a dance of nuances.
  • A test of trust, that of their effortless lifting that gives guests a sense of hope, of optimism for what will come if we, like them, form a chain.
  • A moment from the show of Homme plissé Issey Miyake at La poste du Lovre Homme plissé Issey Miyake is back live.
  • And of overwhelming applause that comes when the show ends, just after the guys from Homme plissé Issey Miyake finish their joyous run.
  • They have no weight, as if they do not belong to the earth, as if they have no earthly limitations, like Miyake’s clothes.

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