pop heroines dressed up natasha zinko

Pop heroines dressed up Natasha Zinko

Sumary of Pop heroines dressed up Natasha Zinko:

  • It is difficult to probe the heart of this somewhat wild creature, who plays the elusive Muse game on which the Odessa-born stylist imagines storytelling full of adventure.
  • In the gymnasium of the La Rochefoucault high school, the designer’s pop heroines parade in ultra-short crinolines, over-the-knee boots that expand and take volume, fringed outfits like Josephine Baker, skirts with slits.
  • Traditional embroideries recall the Ukrainian costumes that marked the creator’s childhood.
  • On the other hand, this patchwork reflects the reality of her country, Ukraine, in turmoil.
  • An upside-down collection, with incandescent romanticism, which takes input from the pain of war to project itself into a bubble of lightness.

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