Port workers largely paralyze ship handling in seaports

Sumary of Port workers largely paralyze ship handling in seaports:

  • Accordingly, the Hamburg shipping company Hapag-Lloyd was not very happy about the warning strike by the port workers and spoke of considerable damage.
  • “We need a strong sip from the bottle, we need a strong wage increase,” said Schwiegershausen-Güth in front of more than 4,000 demonstrators, according to the union.
  • During the first warning strike three weeks ago, which lasted only four and a half hours, the loading and unloading of the ships had largely come to a standstill and the already tense situation had been exacerbated by numerous delays.
  • The effects of the warning strike on the handling of container and cargo ships are likely to be significant.
  • In what it says is the final offer, the ZDS offers an increase in hourly wages of 1.20 euros for a tariff period of 18 months – in car handling by 90 cents – and agrees to the increase in the allowance by 1200 euros.
  • The trade union is demanding an increase in hourly wages of EUR 1.20 for the approximately 12,000 employees in the 58 companies in Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Bremen that are bound by collective bargaining agreements for a period of 12 months, as well as an increase in the annual allowance of EUR 1,200 in full container companies.
  • In addition, Verdi demands an unspecified actual compensation for inflation.

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