Portuguese footwear brands seek raw materials in Brazil

Sumary of Portuguese footwear brands seek raw materials in Brazil:

  • For its part, Yum Gum, launched approximately 10 years ago, intends to reposition itself as a sustainable brand, namely with In this context, the company believes that Brazil may have the answer to its current needs, as explained by Pedro Ramos, commercial director from Housepring, the company that owns the brand: We know that Brazil is rich In the footwear sector, soles made from vulcanized rubbers are used a lot and we are looking for more sustainable and even biodegradable alternatives, in addition to uppers and linings made from raw materials natural and more ecological.
  • An example of this is the presence of the brands Josefinas and Yum Gum at the Brazilian show Inspiramais, which takes place in Porto Alegre on the 19th and 20th of July.
  • From January to May 2022, Portugal was the third destination for exports of components from Brazil – ©Inspiramais Joana Esteves, international sales manager of Josefinas, explains that the flat shoe company travels to Brazil with good technical properties, more pressing needs in the footwear sector at the moment», underlines Joana Esteves.
  • Between January and May of this year, Brazil reached 172.33 million euros in exports of components, which represents an increase of 21% compared to the same period in 2021, indicates Assintecal (Brazilian Association of Leather Component Companies, Footwear and Artifacts).
  • At the professional meeting, the brands hope to find new partners for innovative and more sustainable raw materials.

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