prada and the touch of crude by miuccia and raf

Prada and the “touch of crude ” by Miuccia and Raf

Sumary of Prada and the “touch of crude ” by Miuccia and Raf:

  • In this collection we have tried to combine it with the idea of ​​ornament, of beauty, of how to decorate and embellish, while remaining simple”.
  • The dresses, the longuette and the caban have a clean and square cut, the shirts are severe, buttoned up to the neck, or they are transformed into a slender and chaste jumpsuit.
  • “We often return to this concept that attracts us from a political, theoretical point of view.
  • Minimalism taken to the extreme, subtraction as a creative process, the power of absence, the courage of imperfection.
  • The palette is calm and embraces different shades of gray, black and white, with an industrial effect, but also leaves room for sudden flashes of fiery red, green and yellow, for slip dresses and suits with liquid textures.
  • The rigorous aesthetics of Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons return to impose themselves with arrogance on the Milanese catwalks and become the spokesperson for an incisive message, without complacency and superstructures, rough in its essentiality.
  • The collection unfolds through dissimulations and paradoxes, with almost accidental effects, to adhere as much as possible to a concept of real humanity and authentic experiences.

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