Premiere of “Haute Couture”, the film that will captivate fashion lovers

Sumary of Premiere of “Haute Couture”, the film that will captivate fashion lovers:

  • Sylvie Ohayon’s film, which opens on July 22, recreates the Dior house atelier and pays tribute to those behind the great fashion creations, in a story of heritage and understanding between two women with great generational and cultural differences.
  • A story starring Esther, head of the Dior house workshop, played by actress Nathalie Baye, and Jade, a young woman in her twenties, played by Lyna Khoudri, who redirects her budding career as a professional thief to that of a seamstress in one of the best workshops in the world.
  • The film Haute Couture (Haute Couture), directed by Sylvie Ohayon I wanted to film the seamstresses at work and show that behind all that opulence there are normal people who know how to do magic, the director herself said in a press release this Monday.
  • The craftsmanship, trade, tradition and expertise of the petite mains, as the seamstresses in workshops who create luxurious dream pieces are known in French, is what is shown in the film that premieres in our country Alta sewing (2021), by the French director and screenwriter Sylvie Ohayon.

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