primark embroiled in claims of myanmar supplier worker abuses

Primark embroiled in claims of Myanmar supplier worker abuses

Sumary of Primark embroiled in claims of Myanmar supplier worker abuses:

  • Download Print Text size aA+ aA- Garment workers in Myanmar producing clothing for Primark have been subject to abuses, including containment and dismissals, according to a report by the Guardian..
  • Testimonies given to the newspaper claim workers employed by GY Sen, which supplies Primark, were locked inside their factory by supervisors who tried to prevent them from joining anti-coup protests..
  • Workers claimed their supervisors had sought to prevent them from missing work to take part in protests in the main city Yangon on 18 February..
  • The report also claims up to 1,000 workers were trapped inside and were only able to break free after several hours..
  • According to workers, about 20 were subsequently fired for missing shifts to participate in the civil disobedience movement, through which vast numbers of people across the country have refused to work…

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