pwf sulvams antinomies

PWF: Sulvam’s antinomies

Sumary of PWF: Sulvam’s antinomies:

  • A moment from Sulvan’s digital show Construction and deconstruction, finished and unfinished, tension and softness.
  • So the sweaters are light and adhere to the body and the colors are bright, the silk rayon shirts and the very low weight denim make the silhouette fluid and dynamic.
  • Outerwear with contrasting stitching, safety pins on the lapels of the jackets, asymmetrical buttoning, diagonal cuts and fluttering pieces of fabric sewn like pockets make up a renewed suit with an imperfect aesthetic.
  • Everything seems to be left to chance but, in reality, Teppei Fujita studies everything down to the smallest detail.
  • From the defect, from the lack, the space «for feeling the breezes» opens up.
  • Sulvam’s spring-summer 2023 is a synthesis of antinomies, of dissonant chords that nevertheless result in an unusual harmony.
  • Of fabric, the excess of fabric becomes an accessory, a detail.

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