Sabi: new Lisbon store that harmonizes clothes, ceramics and paintings

Sumary of Sabi: new Lisbon store that harmonizes clothes, ceramics and paintings:

  • However, she got tired of designing collections and the many trips that the fashion industry requires, and decided to settle in Lisbon in 2020, to open her own space in 2022, where all these knowledges are in harmony.
  • In the first room, there are painted and hand-sewn wall panels that mirror the entire concept of the store – Instagram: @sabi.lisboa Despite the spatial limitations of the long and very narrow space, the architectural features even inspire Sarah Sofia Norbo in the design of clothing.
  • Sarah thus places herself in Nordic minimalism, presenting a selection of textured pieces in sober colors with It was in Bali, Indonesia, that Sarah got closer to her creative vocation, immersing herself in the savoir-faire of local artisans.
  • SarahSofia Norbo, the multifaceted Dane based in Lisbon since 2020 – Instagram: @sabi.lisboa Still in Bali, Sarah Sofia Norbo took a Japanese ceramics course with the artist Akira Satake and decided to embrace this art as a part of herself, continuing to sell clothes in countless cities and participate in fashion weeks.
  • Sabi has just installed itself in a narrow and long space in Baixa Pombalina – Instagram: @sabi.lisboa Sarah Sofia Norbo is attracted by the simplicity of Scandinavian design, as a daughter of the nation linked to Sweden by the Øresund Bridge.
  • Sabi by Danish artist Sarah Sofia Norbo has just opened in an old Lisbon building, at 116 Rua da Madalena, located in the historic center, next to Rua Augusta.
  • In the same store-gallery, Sarah also paints veiled by a curtain and imposing sculpture; and she exhibits her paintings, as in an art gallery, capturing the attention of passersby towards the Pombaline building, which in itself arouses curiosity.

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