sberbank purchase of 100 stake in stockmann canceled

Sberbank purchase of 100% stake in Stockmann canceled

Sumary of Sberbank purchase of 100% stake in Stockmann canceled:

  • This information was confirmed by the CEO of Stockmann Gennady Levkin and a representative of Sberbank, specifying that the agreement was canceled by mutual agreement of the parties.
  • It was planned that Stockmann and Sbermegamarket would become strategic partners and be integrated with each other.
  • The CEO of Stockmann, in turn, clarified to the publication that the retailer works on all leading marketplaces as a merchant, including on this site.
  • At the same time, despite the cancellation of the transaction, Stockmann’s goods will be presented on the multi-category marketplace Sbermegamarket, Sberbank noted to the newspaper.
  • Earlier it was reported that Sber and the owner of the Russian Stockmann, Yakov Panchenko, signed an agreement of intent to jointly develop the fashion segment in the Sber ecosystem.

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