Scotland: the kilt, a tradition that lives on at weddings

Sumary of Scotland: the kilt, a tradition that lives on at weddings:

  • On important occasions, the British royal family, and Prince Charles in particular, wear it regularly during visits to Scotland.
  • Published on 16082022 16:57 FRANCE 2 Article written by M.Septembre, C.Madini, O.Briand, L.Soudre – France 2 On Tuesday August 16, the 13 Hours is heading to Scotland to meet kilt enthusiasts.
  • You have room to move, you feel more free, and then it makes a good topic of discussion, testifies Jan Iezar, manager of the restaurant.
  • An outfit that may be surprising in the eyes of tourists, but which absolutely does not surprise the Scots.
  • Sheltered from the rain and Scottish winds, in the warmth of a restaurant in Glasgow (Scotland), tradition goes far beyond the dishes and the whisky.

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