sewing workshop in vouzela promotes circular fashion

Sewing workshop in Vouzela promotes circular fashion

Sumary of Sewing workshop in Vouzela promotes circular fashion:

  • Named By.Vouzela, the new project is based on the reuse of waste from the local textile industry.
  • Institutions from the municipality of Vouzela came together to develop a collaborative social production model based on the concept of circular economy.
  • The one that has been the municipality’s commitment to becoming increasingly sustainable and which, moreover, has involved the community in several quarters», he says.
  • «Centered on the circular economy model, the project aims to boost local production in the textile sector, minimizing waste, valuing the traditions and heritage of the region and creating value for the community», he explains.
  • For the stylistic differentiation of the project; CEARTE, which intends to contribute with the objective of recovering the tradition of the linen loom; and designer Daniela Pais, founder of the sustainable clothing brand Elementum, who will develop a product line for the By.Vouzela project and accompany CEARTE’s training in the development of the From Farm cycle of Fabric to Fashion.
  • In this way, the sewing workshop in Vouzela allows the production of new articles using raw material recovered from the sector that would otherwise be incinerated or placed in a landfill, thus providing an extra income for citizens who want to take on the work of producing eco-design pieces in up cycling register.

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