“Smerch” has grown to its own collection

Sumary of “Smerch” has grown to its own collection:

  • Its co-founder and owner Ira Manych, as well as Smerch’s friends Nikita Volosnikov and Zhenya Kalinkin, and the brand’s former art director Lisa Becker starred in the lookbook of the debut collection of the brand’s basic items.
  • Smerch is primarily known as a merchandise producer for large companies, including the WWF organization, the Chess&Jazz festival, and the Power of the Wind community.
  • The collection is already on sale on the brand’s own website smerch.me.
  • Merch manufacturer Smerch has released the first collection of clothes under its own brand.
  • The life of friends living in the same apartment fell into the lens of the photographer Toma Titova.

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