Snapchat: augmented reality can embellish storytelling in fashion

Sumary of Snapchat: augmented reality can embellish storytelling in fashion:

  • Thus, Snapchat today has 332 million daily users worldwide, over 600 million monthly active users and reaches over 75% of young people between 13 and 34 years old in over 20 countries where it is present.
  • To support further innovations in AR, Snap has announced new features, in particular Lens Cloud, a set of back-end services available for free that greatly expands the variety of what developers can achieve in AR, including archiving services, localization and Multi-User.
  • Then we moved towards the virtual try-on, which started 5 years ago with make-up.
  • For us, the meeting of 3D experiences, virtual try-on experiences and immersive moments represent the new way of telling stories through augmented reality, recalls Geoffroy Perez.
  • Italian, reveals Geoffroy Perez, who then recalls how Snapchat’s Spectacles, the connected sunglasses equipped with a video camera that had an ephemeral success 5-6 years ago, will be able to have a prompt relaunch by conveying augmented reality experiences with their technology.

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