spanish designers victorio and lucchino get own museum

Spanish designers Victorio and Lucchino get own museum

Sumary of Spanish designers Victorio and Lucchino get own museum:

  • Their creations have since be on platforms in Japan, Germany, Italy and the United States, worn by apical versions such as Claudia Schiffer and Elle McPherson.
  • They joined forces in 1975 to create the Victorio y Lucchino name, and break onto the international area a decade later by act part in the New York International Fair.
  • The two consumers have included one of Spain most popular musicians, Rocio Jurado who died in 2016, and Spain advanced Duchess of Alba, one of Europe wealthiest leaders.
  • It is a good complete tap to our professional occupations, a satisfaction, to leave an indication of our work to future generations, Jose Luis Medina del Corral, 68, who goes by the alias Lucchino, told AFP before the depository opening.

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