stitch in time saudi fashion dresses for the future

Stitch in time: Saudi fashion dresses for the future

Sumary of Stitch in time: Saudi fashion dresses for the future:

  • As Saudi Arabia sets out to introduce its culture, history and social life to a global audience, fashion is finding it has a key role to play in the Kingdom “brand strategy.”.
  • Traditional wear proudly worn by both Saudis and expats at the recent Saudi Cup showed how age-old cultural styles could find new life in a contemporary setting.While fashions can reflect a specific era, they also can act as a transition to the future, with fabrics, cuts, motifs and embroidery designs, and even colors and layers, keeping the story alive.The Saudi Cup showcased traditional outfits, with the Ministry of Culture fashion commission encouraging a dress code that required racegoers to highlight their heritage, and designers to showcase their exclusive works, mixing the contemporary with the old.Although Western outfits dominate the world fashion market, Saudi Arabia is choosing to stay connected with its traditional dress.Saudi designers are constantly introducing new trends in the way outfits are made or worn, finding inspiration in age-old styles or seeking to bring the traditional clothing of a region into the present…

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