Sybilla and her four decades of fashion will be on display in Madrid

Sumary of Sybilla and her four decades of fashion will be on display in Madrid:

  • Floors, the exhibition ranges from clothing, footwear and accessories to images from her collections, catalogues, press slides and transparencies, invitations, fashion shows, exhibition catalogs and media articles that will help to understand the artist’s context.
  • A successful international career, he will be the protagonist of the exhibition Sybilla: El hilo invisible (Sybilla: The invisible thread).
  • Axes on which the exhibition is based: the thread that sews everything; the yarn that weaves; the weft thread; the thread of time and the thread of voice; that show her creative universe through different stages.
  • Fashion designer Sybilla during the delivery of the Medallas de Oro al Mérito en las Bellas Artes 2015 – EFE Sybilla’s work is tinged with the states she has gone through: how her chromatic range has changed and evolved, the fabrics chosen and the technique of her proposal is at the level of the greats of fashion, which is why the Sala Canal de Isabel II of the Comunidad de Madrid opens on September 27 with Winner of the National Fashion Award 2015, Sybilla was one of the pioneers in the launch of a second brand, Jocomomola, which today is common in all major brands, with A total of 80 pieces of clothing and another 80 documentaries will help to understand the universe of the New York designer.

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