textile brexit destroys trade between the eu and the uk

Textile: Brexit destroys trade between the EU and the UK

Sumary of Textile: Brexit destroys trade between the EU and the UK:

  • Shutterstock Among the most affected on exports Italy, the Netherlands, Germany.
  • For imports, on the other hand, there was a greater decline in Germany, Ireland and France.
  • In detail, the decrease in the nine months is 44% for almost 2 billion in imports and 22% for 1.6 billion in exports.
  • Clothing items are the most penalized with a total commercial loss of over 3.4 billion in 9 months.
  • On the part of GB, a survey carried out in May by the association for the United Kingdom on Fashion and Textiles (Ukft), highlighted increases in transport costs (for 92% of the 138 activities monitored), orders canceled (53 %), impact of double duties (41%).
  • The overwhelming majority of the companies interviewed then declared that they wanted to pass the increase in costs on to the consumer in the next 6-12 months.
  • Since January 1st, Euratex recalls, complete customs controls have been implemented.

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