textile recycling study europe will lead the way

Textile recycling study: “Europe will lead the way”

Sumary of Textile recycling study: “Europe will lead the way”:

  • This so-called fiber-to-fiber cycle, where textile materials are turned into new materials for fashion, is the most sustainable way to make something new with value from waste, inform Janmark.
  • Textile cycle – not only has social and environmental benefits, but also economic ones.
  • One figure that overwhelm associates was a 70 proportion fiber-to-fiber cycle rate that could be possible by 2030.
  • It is now well known that Europe has a large textile waste difficulty – currently 7 to 7.5 million tons are make annually (mainly in private units), but only about 30 to 35 proportion is gather separately and less than 1 proportion of textile waste is currently cycle into new clothing.

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