textile recycling the european plan rehubs unveils its first project

Textile recycling: the European plan Rehubs unveils its first project

Sumary of Textile recycling: the European plan Rehubs unveils its first project:

  • We estimate that to reach a fiber-to-fiber recycling rate of around 18 to 26% by 2030, a capital investment of around 6 to 7 billion euros will be necessary, in particular to set up a sufficient sorting and processing infrastructure for Euratex.
  • After the step of transforming waste into raw materials will come the necessary growing adoption of mechanically recycled fibers in production chains.
  • Once matured and scaled, the textile recycling industry could become a profitable industry with a total market size of EUR 6-8 billion and around 15,000 new direct jobs.
  • A first step, Europe generating each year from 7 to 7.5 million tons of end-of-life textiles, of which only 30-35% have been collected to date.
  • Transform Waste into Feedstock aims to build a first facility by 2024 that will be able to recycle some 50,000 tons of textiles per year.
  • The Euratex textile confederation estimates that textile recycling could by 2030 generate 15,000 direct jobs on the Old Continent and 3.5 to 4.5 billion euros in turnover.
  • The body today unveils Transform Waste into Feedstock, the first project selected as part of Rehubs, a program aimed at developing and coordinating a textile recycling sector on a continental scale.

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