the 50 greatest sneaker collaborations in nike history

The 50 Greatest Sneaker Collaborations in Nike History

Sumary of The 50 Greatest Sneaker Collaborations in Nike History:

  • Boutique’s then administrator (and actual possessor) Chris Gibbs—reads like a time container of streetwear’s aughts heyday.
  • He inform his characteristic tonal blue scope on an air Classic BW in 2003, but the colorway hit its high-water evaluation three years later when Stash enlist it as a gradient to the cascading bandings on the Air Max 95.
  • The 95 is one of his beloveds, Stash says, because look how copulate opening it came out.
  • Streetwear was a resistance against the fashion industry at large, which typically only played in blacks and navies, so I wanted the colours to be in opposition to that.

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