The American dream, and made in Italy, which looks to the future

Sumary of The American dream, and made in Italy, which looks to the future:

  • The Blauer U.S.A style is made up of connections: it is an American brand with an Italian soul (its own).
  • From the sleeve cut suitable for certain types of movements (think of military and technical garments) to the paneled joints that allow, for example, not to let water pass.
  • I certainly can’t take an item from the archive and re-propose it like this, of course, but the inspiration certainly comes from the history of army and casual outerwear.
  • To the American world we recognize the origin of the sportswear and casual universe and to the Italian world the attention to detail.
  • Even now, among other things, it is still the official supplier of these categories.
  • All this was at the center of our chat with Enzo Fusco, the president of FGF industry, the company that imported and manufactures the Blauer U.S.A brand in Italy and Europe.
  • This is why the archive is decisive for me: among technical, civilian garments, trousers, jackets, jackets I have collected over forty thousand pieces from which to take inspiration “.

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