the egyptian gods by rick owens

The Egyptian gods by Rick Owens

Sumary of The Egyptian gods by Rick Owens:

  • Between fires and pyrotechnic effects just outside the Palais de Tokyo.
  • Tyrone Susman opens the catwalk, as always, the designer Ludovic de Saint Sernin closes it.
  • His shoulders are extreme comme d ‘habitude, emphasizing those sartorial silhouettes that are also in silk chiffon.
  • The shirts twist around the hips, stretch and crawl to the ground.
  • Just as transparent are the jackets, shirts and jeans in «apparition leather», a cowhide which, thanks to tanning and drying processes, takes on a transparent finish.
  • A moment from Rick Owens’ s-s 23 parade An imaginative journey to the temple of Edfu, on the west bank of the Nile, dedicated to the falcon god, Horus.
  • “My personal and global concerns seemed insignificant in the face of that kind of timelessness.” The temples have survived history and for this reason they reassure Rick Owens.

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