The judge agrees with Twitter and rules that the trial against Elon Musk be held in October

Sumary of The judge agrees with Twitter and rules that the trial against Elon Musk be held in October:

  • Ansa In this way, McCormick has agreed with the company, which had asked to “accelerate” the trial, although it will not take place in September as Twitter’s legal team had initially defended, alleging that the agreement to buy the company It had to be before October 24, according to CNN.
  • Delaware Court of Chancery Judge Jude McCormick ruled Tuesday that the trial for Elon Musk’s reversal of the purchase of Twitter be held in October, after the founder and CEO of Tesla requested to delay it to February.
  • Sources close to the Tesla founder suggested the lawyers wanted a better chance of building their case.
  • The judge agreed with Twitter’s reasoning, which had stated that the “irreparable” damage to the company increased as more time passed.
  • On July 9, the tycoon transferred to Twitter that he was renouncing the social network’s purchase contract after receiving no response from the company when requesting information on the number of false accounts found on the platform, as well as the company’s way of auditing and suspending them.
  • Musk apparently believes that he, unlike any other party subject to Delaware contract law, is free to change his mind, wreck the company, disrupt its operations, destroy shareholder value, the company said, as picked up by the NBC News network.
  • The Twitter board has every interest in resolving this quickly, and it has every interest in delay: time is money, analyzed a professor at Tulane Law School consulted by The New York Times.

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