the recipe for happiness for cool tm

The recipe for happiness for Cool Tm

Sumary of The recipe for happiness for Cool Tm:

  • The outfits and styling seem to tell us that the bad taste of one is the good taste of another, in a game played by a crowd of fashion vacationers who meet at a pool bar, sipping a Tequila sunrise.
  • An image for the presentation of the Cool Tm fashion show (Instagram @cool____tm) Inspired by the club resorts of the 80s, Cool Tm’s p-e 23 explores the theme of bad taste and the concept of kitsch.
  • “Cool Tm, the best idea since we invented happiness”, concludes a claim that seems to make a fool of a much better known billboard, that of a Made in USA drink synonymous with the recipe for happiness par excellence.
  • An independent, bold and subversive field of expression, like the Thomas Monet
  • Like birds of paradise, the must-see attraction of a coastal town frequented by mass tourism.

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