the world is reopening and im staying in my comfy clothes

The World Is Reopening, and I’m Staying in My Comfy Clothes

Sumary of The World Is Reopening, and I’m Staying in My Comfy Clothes:

  • Whether that be grabbing dinner with a friend or heading to a college sanctioned ball, regardless of the formality, I loved taking the time to pull together an outfit that I loved.
  • During this time, I tried to stay in as much of a routine as possible, wearing cute outfits and doing my hair and makeup for the occasional important Zoom meeting.
  • During the five-month period of being isolated — before starting work in person again or visiting my family — I found comfort in clothes that aren’t meant to be for show, but for just living in.
  • Everything became optional: wearing pants during a meeting, leaving the house, and social plans of any kind.
  • More often than not, I’d wear normal workout clothes to get myself mentally prepared, but every so often, specifically when I was feeling myself a little bit more, I would pop on a pair of heels to add that extra layer of pizazz to my normal workout.

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