the world trip in 80 jewels by raspini

The world trip in 80 jewels by Raspini

Sumary of The world trip in 80 jewels by Raspini:

  • On display eighty unique pieces, inspired by natural elements and artifacts typical of the places and cultures of the five continents (Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas and Oceania-Antarctica), collected in thirty important sets, consisting of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings .
  • Many metaphorical and symbolic travel stories actually narrate the incredible journey of mankind.
  • A large balloon-jewel was chosen as the symbol of the exhibition, made of bronze by the Tuscan stylist together with the sculptors Lucio Minigrilli and Erika Corsi.
  • In this sense, the creator of the project takes on the role of a contemporary nomad intent on making his stylistic concept of jewelery and his goldsmith creation dialogue with the most authentic identity of every place in the world.
  • Flying over the globe with his hot-air balloon, he finds inspiration in beauty: from the many natural elements, to the cultural customs of peoples and peoples, to the monuments made by man, to reach the eternal and luminous charm of gems and precious metals.
  • Stimulated by the success achieved in previous editions, Wild (2016), Vanitas Mundi (2017), Nautilus (2019) and Gioielli da una Wunderkammer (2020), Giovanni Raspini continues his creative project in the world of contemporary jewelery and timeless beauty .

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