Transparency: what are the blind spots in the fashion industry?

Sumary of Transparency: what are the blind spots in the fashion industry?:

  • Few of whom are otherwise able, or willing, to report specific information about their supply chain or business practices.
  • In the end, it emerges that a large number of subjects are still only marginally openly addressed by the respondents.
  • But it also gives an overview of the CSR topics for the moment still little or not addressed by the sector, and which should eventually take on importance in the construction of a sustainable and fair sector.
  • Only 4% of respondents indicate how much the wages of their suppliers’ workers exceed the local legal minimum wages.
  • Moreover, only 35% of brands stipulate their approach to recruitment fees, a practice in which manufacturers charge large sums of money to their new employees (often for training or equipment).
  • In terms of climate impact, 29% of brands currently publish a quantified decarbonization target verified by the Science-Based Targets initiative, a system backed by the UN and the World Wide Fund for Nature.
  • And only 2% indicate the number of orders where this separation between negotiation and wages took place.

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