Transparency: where are the fashion industry’s blind spots?

Sumary of Transparency: where are the fashion industry’s blind spots?:

  • Shutterstock Around 250 major international brands were asked to be included in the index.
  • Furthermore, only 35 percent of brands mention their attitude towards so-called recruitment costs that manufacturers charge their new employees (often under the pretense of covering training or equipment costs).
  • Currently, only 4 percent of brands mention ring fencing among their working methods.
  • Slightly more brands, at 8 percent, say they implement measures to combat racial discrimination at their suppliers.
  • Only 4 percent of survey respondents report how much the wages of their suppliers’ workers exceed the regional statutory minimum wage.
  • However, 24 percent of brands publish their data on the risk of modern slavery in their supply chain.
  • This applies, for example, to the procurement practice known as ring fencing, in which clients deliberately protect employees’ wages, for example.

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