“Tribute to Brittany”, the monochrome collection of designer Pascal Jaouen

Sumary of “Tribute to Brittany”, the monochrome collection of designer Pascal Jaouen:

  • You don’t need a lot of colors to make it beautiful, there are only two, black and white, says Pascal Jaouen.
  • Lagrange France Télévisions Editorial Culture The quintessential Breton embroiderer exhibits around forty of his creations in Châtelaudren, near Guingamp.
  • Entitled A-Galon ( cordially , sincerely in Breton), 145 emblematic outfits from its twenty years of creation will be presented in a festive show.
  • At its head for 27 years, he will pass the torch at the start of the school year to his successor Yann Lagoutte, one of his former students who has become the best worker in France.
  • Considered an ambassador of Breton culture, the designer has never ceased to promote local know-how.
  • What is most important is that this heritage still has a long life ahead of it, explains Pascal Jaouen.
  • But before bidding farewell, the designer is finalizing the outfits for his latest collection as director of the academy.

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