uk to investigate tattoo ink health risks after eu ban

UK to investigate tattoo ink health risks after EU ban

Sumary of UK to investigate tattoo ink health risks after EU ban:

  • The UK government is to investigate the health risks posed by tattoo inks after the EU introduced a ban on a range of substances used in pigments on the grounds they are hazardous.
  • The ban, which came into force on Monday, has caused a crisis in the tattoo industry across the bloc, with trade associations warning it will “criminalise” artists and threaten the entire sector, which is already reeling from closures through the pandemic lockdowns.
  • The law limits the use of certain chemicals the EU says are hazardous, with some linked to cancer, reproductive difficulties and skin irritation, and which are contained in mixtures for tattoo inks and permanent makeup.
  • It is estimated that 54 million people across the EU have tattoos and the industry had a year to prepare for the ban.
  • The tattoo artist Tin-Tin, who heads the French tattoo industry union SNAT, told Reuters the new rules would drive people to parlours that do not respect the legislation.

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