last energetic day for men in milan with k way 44 group label and jet set

Last energetic day for men in Milan with K-Way, 44 Group Label and Jet Set

Sumary of Last energetic day for men in Milan with K-Way, 44 Group Label and Jet Set:

  • Italian version of Size of the text Italian version of We will never blame the Milanese for lack of energy.
  • Rome and Italy have plunged into a sudden political crisis, since President Sergio Mattarella, 80, announced that he will not stand for a new term (the current one will expire in two weeks).
  • Yet, all this has not prevented Milan, the Italian capital of fashion, from making a splash with its four days, which ended on Monday, dedicated to the season of men’s fashion shows.
  • “It was time to remind everyone that we have a big fashion industry in Italy.
  • This sector employs around 1.2 million people and it was important for our brands and our houses to show their creations to the world “, said Carlo Capasa, president of Camera Moda, the world’s governing body.
  • The shows were limited in size and Asian and Russian buyers generally absent, but we saw many new ideas coming from young designers and also from historic labels in full revival.
  • To participate in any parade, presentation or event, all guests had to present the Green Pass vaccination certificate, and often undergo a temperature check.
  • “It was essential that fashion showed respect for the concerns of the general public, in the context of the pandemic.

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