va to highlight menswear africa and korea in 2022

V&A to highlight menswear, Africa and Korea in 2022

Sumary of V&A to highlight menswear, Africa and Korea in 2022:

  • London’s V&A Museum is placing a spotlight on the fashion and creativity of Africa and South Korea, as well as staging its first major exhibition focusing on menswear as part of its 2022-2023 programme.
  • ‘Fashioning Masculinities: The Art of Menswear’, joins ‘Africa Fashion’, which was announced in January, and ‘Hallyu!
  • The Korean Wave’ as the V&A’s next headlining fashion and creative displays.
  • The menswear exhibition, ‘Fashioning Masculinities: The Art of Menswear’ will run from March 19, 2022, to November 6, 2022, and celebrate “the power, artistry and diversity of masculine attire and appearance”.
  • The exhibition will place a spotlight on the “unprecedented creativity in men’s fashion” by tracing how menswear has been fashioned and refashioned over the centuries by exploring how designers, tailors and artists – and their clients and sitters – have constructed and performed masculinity in different periods through clothing.

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