Valentina Curzi sneakers bring new generations closer to sustainability

Sumary of Valentina Curzi sneakers bring new generations closer to sustainability:

  • Among the prizes that will be awarded during the evening, the “Sustainability Award” is of particular importance.
  • RBRSL Rubber Soul blends a contemporary vision with high craftsmanship and the added value of made in Italy, the designer aims to give a second life to waste raw materials, which are first recycled and then transformed into new creations with an innovative and experimental soul.
  • Among the few women in the world to design sneakers, the creative was recognized by a commission of journalists and national newspapers not only as the youngest Italian designer of sustainable sneakers, but also for having contributed to bringing the new generation closer to responsible shopping through production of green footwear.
  • The shoes, entirely handmade, are in fact subjected to a precise patented rubberizing process: after being treated, they are drowned in a special liquid rubber which, cooling down, incorporates the upper forming a transparent shell.
  • Taormina will host the Tao Awards, an international event dedicated to fashion, green, tourism and design.
  • The project thus becomes a strategy to contrast disposable fashion and more: through the use of waste rubber from the sole, RBRSL also gives life to paintings and lights, with a timeless and absolutely unprecedented aesthetic.

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