vollebak tints t shirt using carbon storing algae ink

Vollebak tints T-shirt using carbon-storing algae ink

Sumary of Vollebak tints T-shirt using carbon-storing algae ink:

  • The ink is created by heat-treating algae biomass to turn it into a blackened char, which locks away the carbon that was sequestered by the algae throughout its life.
  • This creates a concentrated black powder pigment that manufacturer Living Ink says is carbon negative, since every kilogram produced removes 4.16 kilograms of CO2 from the atmosphere – as much as was absorbed by the algae.
  • Algae black ink is screen-printed onto the T-shirt from the outsideMixed with a binder, the pigment is then turned into ink and screen-printed onto the T-shirt, which is made from FSC-certified linen and lyocell derived from wood pulp.
  • But the black pigment will remain stable and continue to store the atmospheric carbon for hundreds or even thousands of years, according to Living Ink co-founder Scott Fulbright.
  • “The black algae-derived pigments will stay as an inert, safe, stable piece of carbon in the soil,” he told Dezeen.

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