Walter Van Beirendonck, LGN and Y/Project: when fashion accelerates

Sumary of Walter Van Beirendonck, LGN and Y/Project: when fashion accelerates:

  • On the stage, a group of men dressed in long black robes could be seen, their faces hidden by a large pointed cap.
  • The models, many of whom are LGN clients, expressed their personalities with great courage.
  • Suddenly other models in brightly colored suits burst into the crowd LGN Louis-Gabriel Nouchi, SpringSummer 2023 – DR At LGN, Louis-Gabriel Nouchi turned up the heat again, with a particularly sexy and sensual collection.
  • The t-shirt thrown quickly over the shoulders had the look of a bolero, the long white robe reminiscent of a hotel bathrobe, a red knitted top and pants ripped like ripped stockings, while long darker halos across the chest and hem.
  • The models were alternately dressed in fringed shorts and a large raincoat imitating the sky, in a total white look With its large sleeves, sometimes ruffled and disheveled with bits of fabric, like the white wings of an angel emerging from Suddenly dressed in a black jacket, this ensemble has a bit of royalty, somewhere between superhero, gladiator and Sun King, as the glittering star around his neck seems to indicate.
  • The three houses that closed the day on Wednesday, Walter Van Beirendonck, LGN Louis-Gabriel Nouchi and YProject, were especially seductive, each proclaiming its point of view loud and clear in a fashion more vital than ever.

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