walter van beirendonck lgn y project when fashion runs riot

Walter Van Beirendonck, LGN, Y/Project: When fashion runs riot

Sumary of Walter Van Beirendonck, LGN, Y/Project: When fashion runs riot:

  • Suddenly, another police of models wearing multi-coloured outfits marches among the spectators and stages on to the stage in an agitated carousel.
  • The three labels that transport Wednesday to a close — Walter Van Beirendonck, LGN Louis-Gabriel Nouchi and YProject — were especially intriguing, each publicize their communication big and clear with uncompromisingly vibrant collections.
  • Van Beirendonck’s menswear, with its message sleeves, sometimes frilled and cut with ungroomed fabric extremities, like white angel’s means suddenly grow through a black jacket, had a royal feel to it, hesitate between superhero, combatant, and the Sun King, as the shining star hanging on a model’s neck seems to indicate.
  • Some of the models seem not to have had time to get dressed again.

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