wami signs a hymn to inclusiveness

Wami signs a hymn to inclusiveness

Sumary of Wami signs a hymn to inclusiveness:

  • A Wami spring-summer 2023 look The We are made in Italy-Wami collective project, the result of the collaboration between Cnmi-Camera Nazionale della Moda Italia and Black lives matter in Italian fashion collective, sanctioned the start of Milan fashion week.
  • Wami was born with a specific goal, to fight for concrete inclusion to counteract any kind of racism by recognizing the contribution that Bipoc creativity can make to fashion.
  • The group led in 2020 by Stella Jean, Edward Buchanan and Michelle Francine Ngonmo, also obtained the support of Carlo Capasa, president of Cnmi, who continues to be part of the Wami committee.
  • Wami gives visibility to the creativity of 5 Bipoc-Black, indigenous, and people of color designers, including Villain, Fatra, Phan Dang Hoang, Made for a woman and Runway reinvented.

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