what color should you choose for your glasses

What color should you choose for your glasses?

Sumary of What color should you choose for your glasses?:

  • For brown eyes, it is better to choose a blue, purple, aubergine, dark red, olive but also anthracite gray frame.
  • Finally, for iridescent eyes, it is preferable to opt for combinations of grey-blue, grey-green or even beige.
  • Blue eyes will go well with blue, purple or olive green tones.
  • The choice of glasses according to the color of the eyes You will see that we find here some basic rules of colorimetry, those which apply for example in the choice of the color of his clothes.
  • To avoid any false notes, men with green eyes will favor golden or brown tones, as well as gray, dark blue or black tones.
  • For those with dark eyes, they can afford more fantasies and are spoiled for choice in terms of the colors of their glasses.
  • And this advice also applies to square frames if you are a man with an angular face.

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