what elettra lamborghini gave afrojack for his birthday

What Elettra Lamborghini gave Afrojack for his birthday

Sumary of What Elettra Lamborghini gave Afrojack for his birthday:

  • Afrojack, nickname of Nick van de Wall, turned 35 a few days ago and Elettra Lamborghini could not help but dedicate sweet words and special social dedications to him.
  • My love, this is my gift to you, animals have a noble heart like yours and are great friends.
  • At first the deejay was a little confused, then he hugged his wife and began to hug and play with the two animals, proving that he already loves them madly.
  • I hope they always make you smile… I’m here to make all your dreams come true and I know this was one of yours.
  • Afrojack with the llama Why Elettra Lamborghini gave Afrojack a llama and a goat Although the choice of Elettra Lamborghini is a little over the top, it actually hides a very specific meaning.
  • Although apparently it may seem a decidedly excessive thing, the truth is that the choice hides a deep symbolic meaning: this is why the heiress preferred animals to the classic birthday gifts.
  • Elettra Lamborghini’s surprise for Afrojack Elettra Lamborghini made Afrojack a truly unique surprise for his 35th birthday.

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