What We Are Doing Today: Flower LEGO Bouquet

Sumary of What We Are Doing Today: Flower LEGO Bouquet:

  • Fast-forward to when he became a designer at LEGO, he work with Denmark-based designer, Astrid Sundorf Christensen, and together they end the set.
  • In this case, you can make three cream-colored shrubs, two chromatic blossoms, one lavender-colored lavender, one purple-hued flower, two white with yellow communal blossoms and one orange California Poppy.
  • This book mentions the story of how the Flower Bouquet came to be: American designer Anderson Grubb used to stop by his grandmother’s blossom-filled plot in West Virginia as a juvenile and disburse hrs indicate on which blossoms might one day translate into a lego shape.

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