what we are wearing today aidah

What We Are Wearing Today: Aidah

Sumary of What We Are Wearing Today: Aidah:

  • Aidah is preserving and recovering the legacy of Palestinian hand-made embroidery through its collectible masterpieces.The brand name comes from an Arabic word that means the coming back or return, reflecting the right of Palestinian people to return to their country.By applying traditional Palestinian hand embroidery and sharing it with the world, Aidah is targeting different fashion and artistic styles using a variety of mediums.Each of Aidah piece is one-of-a-kind and handmade by a group of elderly Palestinian ladies between Palestine and Saudi Arabia..
  • They take months of work to be completed.The collections represent the authentic embroidery motifs of different Palestinian cities..
  • Each city has a different color related to iconic symbols and the four seasons.The Palestinian embroidery is applied on Aidah fabric and made of cross stitch…

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