why are queen elizabeths funeral flowers colored and not white

Why are Queen Elizabeth’s funeral flowers colored (and not white)

Sumary of Why are Queen Elizabeth’s funeral flowers colored (and not white):

  • There is one element to consider: every detail of the funeral ceremony, from the guests to the readings, was personally chosen by the sovereign when she was still alive.
  • The colored flowers are therefore a desire of her: a way to accompany the last journey, a symbol of hope and rebirth.
  • The death of Queen Elizabeth II 19 September 2022 Queen Elizabeth’s coffin entered Westminster Abbey with a crown of roses and colorful flowers on it, a detail that responds to a specific desire of the sovereign.
  • On the coffin are the royal insignia: the globe, the scepter and the imperial state crown, along with a pink flower crown.
  • The crown of flowers on Queen Elizabeth’s coffin Elizabeth II’s last homage to Philip Once again the flowers arrive from the Queen’s residences: Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and Highgrove House.
  • Behind also walk William, Harry and Peter Phillips, son of Princess Anne and one of the other grandchildren of the queen.
  • The funeral procession is once again led by King Charles III, as we have seen many times in these days, followed by Princess Anna and her brothers, the princes Andrew and Edward.

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