why tattoos are more than just body art sali hughes

Why tattoos are more than just body art | Sali Hughes

Sumary of Why tattoos are more than just body art | Sali Hughes:

  • In Breast Cancer Awareness month, much will rightly be made of the importance of grooming for some patients, and of the power of a well-cut wig to restore privacy.
  • But there are lesser-known beauty treatments with a more lasting ability to help heal the trauma of breast cancer.
  • London cosmetic tattoo artist Nez Hasan spends much of her time restoring the naturally thinning or overplucked brows of healthy women (myself included – I trust no one else), with microblading – painlessly scoring each individual “lash” into skin for an effect lasting 18-24 months.
  • With their treatment course usually scheduled in a hurry, with little time to plan, Hasan prioritises their appointments – working after hours if necessary – so she can create new brows with the existing ones as guide.
  • Three years ago, Hasan’s love of this important work led her to train as one of a small number of experts specialising in permanent trompe l’oeil tattoos of nipples and areolas, after their removal in a partial or full mastectomy.

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