Women’s cycling is emancipated on the roads and in the city

Sumary of Women’s cycling is emancipated on the roads and in the city:

  • They are therefore setting off this weekend for a week of racing on the roads of eastern France to arrive on August 31 in Haute-Saône at the Belles Filles Super board.
  • This allows women to practice their sport for up to six hours during the menstrual period.
  • In the spirit of the Tenspeedhero brand, with its original prints, brings an offbeat touch to a sector that is still often very basic in terms of graphics.
  • Thus, Giant, a major player in the bicycle industry, did more than develop a line: it created Liv in 2008, a women’s brand developed by women that markets bicycles and equipment for women.
  • Tomo Clothing is aimed at women who travel on two wheels – Tomo Clothing And shops dedicated to equipment for soft mobility (bicycles, scooters, etc.) are springing up in the centers of many cities.
  • In terms of style and premium, the British Rapha with its refined style offers very elaborate silhouettes (while remaining technical) for men.
  • A survey by Union Sport et Cycle, published last May, revealed that 82% of 18-24 year olds (boys and girls combined) had cycled at least once during the year and that 70% of those questioned saw in the bicycle the future of mobility.

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