youths in balaclava reverie orientale

Youths in balaclava, reverie orientale 

Sumary of Youths in balaclava, reverie orientale :

  • She who, insidious, throws him back into the arms of the torturers.
  • They wear hoodies with large hoods, shirts with clear profiles or nautical suits in shapes or combinations of colors, white Jewel belts rest on pants with trimming details.
  • On the feet, leather slippers with Jack Sparrow buckles or sneakers.
  • Which also climb on outerwear like stylized vegetables.
  • What follows is a hallucinatory dream, a dream window with which Taufiq Iskandar tells the co-ed collection of his brand.
  • Against the tropical setting, a prisoner escapes from forced labor to the jungle.

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